Monday, September 7, 2015

Have you tried out a Rover+ Hoverboard?! Holiday Hints: Quadcopters, iWatches & Selfie Sticks!

The 2015 Holidays are almost here! 

This holiday season marks our 15th year on the Internet, bringing you the most desirable toys & gadgets for the holidays. 

Have you tried one of our Rover+ Hover Boards? This is what everyone is talking about. These self balanced scooters are designed to give the riders an effort-less riding experience with minimal learning time. They only weighs 22 lbs and accelerate by simply applying pressure with the front your feet. Jump on board and feel the gyroscope control your balance intelligently. 

When is the last time you went for a flight? No need to jump aboard an airplane to do that anymore. Now all you need a Quad Copter. 2015 has brought some incredible advances in technology. We are able to control with precision a small device to fly where we want, when we want, and have it record video in the highest definition possible. The price range for fun is next to nothing in this hobby. Starting at $30-50, you can purchase a complete Nano Quad Copter with receiver and enjoy some impressive flying. Hubsan X4 107C pictured.

This is the Izip E3 Dash. This is a 48 Volt Intelligent Electric Bicycle. Currie Technologies has the most amazing line of Electric Bicycles. Make sure to check them out on our website.

Superkids Online is known for selling items that are unavailable to get almost anywhere else. We love to bring smiles to faces, and we hope you will find some great holiday gifts when searching our site. Keep checking our New Arrivals section for the latest released product.

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  1. Is website still active? Made a purchase days ago and still have heard nothing and card has yet to be charged?